This question plagued me. It felt important. “Am I awakened?”

Ever since I heard the call to “Awaken and help others do the same” come seemingly out of nowhere, I felt a deep desire to do just that.

I didn’t know what the words meant.

I didn’t know how I was hearing it.

I wasn’t sure what it meant to be “awake” or who I could help, but it felt true. It felt as if I’d done it many times before. Familiar. Like “Here we go again,” and support from somewhere saying “You can do this!”

It felt purposeful.

I began reading books, talking to people, finding my “tribe.” Finding fellow awakeners who were also rising and figuring out the connectedness of the universe.

And the whole time I would wonder, “Am I awakened?” At what point can I speak from a place of knowing? When do I share my journey so others can know that this is really happening? That they are not crazy? That you can be ‘normal’ and have this divine sense of connectedness and this feeling of wanting to share your light?

I held myself back for that reason. I didn’t want others to say I didn’t know what I was talking about yet. Or that I was somehow at this beginning stage that would make it seem like I was naïve. Or worse, what if I was completely wrong?

But what I’ve come to learn, as I’ve grown, as I’ve come to trust, as I’ve really learned to quiet my mind and become a clearer channel for intuitive information, is that it begins at that moment you answer the call to awaken.

That moment you decide to follow a path that may only have one step and only uncertainty beyond it.

That moment you decide that you have to do something meaningful and you have no idea how or what but you just know that you need to.

That feeling that something feels very BIG out there and you want to be part of it.

That strong, all-encompassing feeling that you are headed toward something amazing, even if it means you need to go down a little (or a lot!) to go up.

It’s a commitment.

It’s a commitment and re-commitment that so many of us are making.

And what I really want you to know is that it doesn’t matter if you feel you are awakened or awakening.

You don’t need to wait to step into your calling.

You may need to take steps, you may need to support yourself financially as you do it, but you do not need to wait for some point where you have it all figured out.

Your energy is what matters.

If you can be aligned with the energy of your words and actions – at whatever point you are – you will be stepping into your calling in such a meaningful way.

I spent too much time worrying if I could hold my own with other spiritual teachers I knew and what I discovered is that the information that was coming to me, was true for me. It helped me. It would’ve helped those who were at the same place as me if I would’ve just let it out.

I didn’t end up being wrong, I just ended up connecting more and gaining more confidence.

If I wouldn’t have spent so much time wondering “Who am I to do this?”, “Who am I to speak as if I know about the universe?”, I feel it would’ve been a less painful journey.

That second guessing. That critical voice!

What I feel now is that when we receive that call, that internal guidance, that nudge, that push, that is the moment we awaken.

Yet, some of us can jump out of bed and get right to work, and others of us are slow risers. Some, like me, roll out of bed, wipe the sleep from our eyes, and curl up on the couch with a cup of tea before we even consider doing something with our day.

We all wake up differently.

We all have a different way our soul wants to express itself.

No matter where you are in your journey, feeling Awakened or Awakening, if you create your career based on where you are in that moment, you will be able to align your energy and your true self with it. It will grow as you grow.

You don’t need to wait until some final point.

You just need to feel ready to do what you are doing. Be able to really stand behind it and align with it.

If you aren’t ready to stand behind it, that’s okay! Take your time. Sit with it. Do what feels right for you today.

Take small steps.

Small steps are just as fulfilling and allow you to enjoy the view as you go.

Just don’t get hung up on wording. On concepts. On this idea that you don’t know enough yet.
You know what you need to know for TODAY.

It will be enough.

It will continuously change and grow as new understanding comes along. As the world is growing together.

You are an Awakened Professional when you know you are working to fulfill a larger purpose. When you are asking to contribute to the whole. When you are answering this unknown thing and you want to do it full time. Really live and breathe it and have no separation between who you are at work and who you are outside of work.

You are yourself 24/7.

And you are really present to be just that. YOU.

How about you? Are you holding yourself back? Waiting for some greater understanding or are you meeting yourself right where you are today?

I encourage you to trust where you are today and feel the support of the universe, your guides or angels as you take those baby steps.

We are all growing together:)

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