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The Awakened Professional - The Awakened Workspace - Nicole Strychaz


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First I was spiritual but blocked it. Then I entered Corporate America and became successful. Got my MBA, became a Director. In my worklife, I reached my goals but felt something BIG was missing and that it was separate from the true me inside.

Then… I fell apart.

I awakened the only way I knew how, through the dark night of the soul knowing I would someday help others if I could find my way to the light. Not knowing how I knew this but trusting it was true.

I began to really crave the connection of other like-minded people and started attending group meditations and energy healings.

When I sat in classes the oddest thing began to happen. I had such a strong desire to merge spiritual teachings with my business background to help spiritual entrepreneurs find financial freedom so they could lift others full time. So their gifts would be shared rather than have them burn out. I saw so many talented healers struggling to be doing this work full time. Wanting only to help others but not knowing exactly how to make that a living so they could be fully devoted to it. And have the time it takes to nourish their energy to be a clear channel.

I returned to my traditional Human Resources career briefly and found that I can only think in terms of energy. In ANY business. How to shift it. How to support it. How to fully support the shift in the world and finding our place in it. I can’t do traditional!

Which is why I created The Awakened Professional.

I hope you find inspiration and support through my blogs, Vlogs, and the Must Haves! page. If you feel inspired to take it further I offer intuitive coaching. You can also connect with me and other lightworkers through upcoming events!




I think so many of us have a gift that wants to be expressed but need the support and tools to bring it to light. I’ve been through it. Now I know what we need, what we can skip, and how to keep our focus so our ego doesn’t send us into uproar. Keeping us so busy we don’t have to do this BIG thing we know we are meant to do.

My writing and my coaching is meant to support lighting up our worklives (which is really our soul’s mission). In whatever stage you are in, from opening a business, to climbing the corporate ladder, managing a team, to upleveling. You can do it. My goal is to share what I know. To connect to your higher self and help you eliminate the noise and step into your power. You can do it!

I’ve split the content on this site into those who are growing professionally as individuals (the awakened professional) and those who are in a workplace with others (the awakened workplace). There’s overlap and you can go right to the blog/vlogs in that case.

I love hearing from you in the comments and connecting with you. I love witnessing you rise. I love seeing you step away from the turmoil and into the bliss. Which can be a challenge, I know. Life isn’t easy. Contrast isn’t fun. But we are here for a reason. We made decisions before we incarnated and when we are here they don’t always make sense.  Which is why intuitive support can help and has helped me so greatly. It connects you to that information, those blind spots that have you asking “why me?” But why not you??? And if not you, then who???

I’m glad you are here. I hope you will be inspired to light up your worklife and never settle for less than the magic.

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