There is this misconception out there that energy healers should do healing work for free. I saw a comment on Facebook which summed this up perfectly! An entrepreneur was advertising “The 5 Shifts my Spiritual Coaches Clients Use to Build 6-Figure Businesses.” Seems harmless enough but something about the 6-figure business must’ve triggered this person and she wrote:

“Spirituality and business should never go side by side. There are plenty of other things to make a business out of. Spiritual healing should be free for everyone.

Um, what? Why should spiritual healing be free for everyone? Do doctor’s work for free? Yoga instructors? Massage therapists? Would you be a cashier for free? What about a food server? People are hungry, shouldn’t you bring them their food for free? I can’t imagine walking into an acupuncturist and saying “this should be free because it’s spiritual healing since it’s moving my chi.”

In an era where there are tip jars at self-service frozen yogurt places (I get my own food and I tip you?), why is it that Energy (spiritual) Healing is still seen as this profession that should be given away? The energy healer should be selfless, and broke apparently. Why is it devalued, monetarily speaking, in a way that other professions are not?

In the comments, this person – let’s call her Sheila – went on to say this when someone commented how much energy and time it takes to do spiritual healing work:

“Well then obviously you dont care to help the world increase its vibration you are more concerned with lining your pockets so how does that make you “spiritual”? Did jesus bitch that he had bills to pay when he healed the sick and fed the hungry? No. He did it out of genuine love and a desire to heal. You dont have to do it to the point of exhaustion or in a way that drains you. You simply find other means of supporting yourself monetarily and heal when and where you are called too. Get out of 3D vibration and actually do some good in the world. Honey.”

So, in this person’s mind, you simply get a day job and then do your healing work whenever you can squeeze it in. And apparently energy healers should be just like Jesus?

Well there you go. I’m not Jesus, but I do believe in energy healing and not only pay to receive it, I also practice it in various forms of Reiki, Energy Clearing and Intuitive sessions to help people release their blocks and uncover their limiting beliefs (which can be life changing!)

It’s sad to me that Energy Healing is still viewed as something that should just be given freely into the world, rather than as a profession that can change lives for those open to receiving it.

The reason I find this sad is that the broke, trying-to-make-ends-meet healer, will eventually give up the work or only be able to reach a very limited few because he/she will be trying to fit it in to their working-for-money-a-different-way lives. Which usually means that they will be out of alignment with their life purpose and things will be going wrong on top of it!

Lastly, a healer who can devote herself to it full time, can probably move mountains! In that space full-time they are probably also sending that light into the world.

Here are 6 BIG reasons why Energy Healing should be recognized as a profession, but I want to preface this by saying that many healers are open to an energy exchange (which means that they are not always paid in money, could be goods or services which does make healing accessible to everyone). I’ve traded my business knowledge and my writing skills on many occasions for energy healing work and classes. Not there’s anything wrong with receiving money, just saying that healers often view money as an exchange like any other exchange.

1. Time. Being paid means you get to do it full time. Which means you are fully devoted to your practice and living in that intuitive space. Not just squeezing it in here and there. It’s dedication! Healing full-time, with a financially abundant life, means you can get your message and healing into the world on a LARGE scale. Doing it for free is thinking small. One person here and there when you can squeeze it is okay if that’s what you want, but if you are truly wanting to help the many, you’ll want to pursue it more than occasionally.

2. You Need Money. It takes dedication, a financial investment in training, a lifestyle that allows you to stay high vibe, a space that is high vibe, meditation and usually a clean diet and lifestyle to be a clear channel for healing. You need to pay for those things and have time to devote to them if you are going to make this a life’s work instead of a passing phase.

3. Low vibes. Other work can lower your vibe making you less effective as a healer if you have to try to counteract “your day job.”

4. People do not value free. They just don’t. It’s like when my Dad qualified for a free phone under Obama. You never heard someone complain so much about the free phone, which brought him into this century with the ability to text. He never complained about the old flip phone he had that could barely get reception. Nope, the free phone got all the attention until he finally invested in a better one so he could use the microphone to text, lol. With energy healing it’s the same. If you pay $200 to go to a healer you are going to pay attention and get your money’s worth. If you get it for free, you may or may not take the advice. You may not take it seriously. It’s much easier to let it slide, skip the work you are meant to do, when it’s free.

5. No other profession is asked to work for free! Why is this one different? If you feel it is different, it is likely your own limiting beliefs that are interfering. I am sure you are not meaning to say that a person who could potentially heal trapped energy, which could allow a person to heal cancer, should live in poverty. I don’t think that’s what Sheila was trying to say if she really thinks about it. I also don’t think she was meaning that you truly should have another job if you want to be a healer, even though that IS what she said. Then you’d probably be accused of not being dedicated if you worked a traditional 9 to 5, overate from the stress, and had one client on Sundays.

6. Money doesn’t change you. You are who you are.

Sheila is letting her own views about money show but that doesn’t make them true for others. Accepting money for healing work means your time is valuable and is compensated for fairly. Same as any other profession. Her view must be setting this work in a different category – that of Jesus – and “doing good in the world.”

Here is what Sheila is missing. Doing “good” in the world includes being nice and being supportive. Asking one to choose a profession that makes them work for free is not being supportive, nor does it make sense, nor can it last for the long haul!

Saying that the only way to do good in the world is to give away your talents, also does not make sense. Then we should say that singers should sing for free too. If their voice sounds uplifting and takes people momentarily out of their troubles, then it should be given away, right? Why should they be paid for their talents?


You are who you are whether you are rich or poor. Money doesn’t make you selfish or humble. That’s who you are with or without money.

Money can make your life more comfortable. It can make loving self-care more accessible and travel possible.

Money is an energy, not an evil.

The risk of believing that energy healers shouldn’t be compensated is that the really good ones wouldn’t do it. They would do something else because why would they choose a life where they are poor and most likely taken advantage of because they don’t place a value on their time?

So there you have it.

Energy healing is becoming more mainstream and well received. It is a profession, don’t be mistaken. There are costs to have an office or work space, maintain a website, market so that people can find you. It is not free for the person offering the healing to provide it because they have overhead expenses just like everyone else. If they use crystals in their healing, they have purchased them. If they use sound bowls, same thing. Most likely they have attended training, and have purchased numerous books.

You want the energy healer who is in a great space spiritually, not stressed about how to keep a roof over their head.

This myth about one profession being seen as a free one needs to be debunked. It is a limiting belief, nothing more.

You don’t have to use energy healers, it’s totally up to you, but you should not expect them to want to seek you out and heal you for free.

If you are wanting to try a different type of healing, you most likely will seek them out. And probably expect that they have a website and a welcoming, healing space. You may want to lie on a massage table instead of the floor. You may expect a waterfall cd playing or a peaceful experience. Where do you think those things come from? Yep. That person invested in those things to do their best work and make you feel comfortable.

AND to be professional.

Money, healing, and any work you do is an energy exchange. If you feel differently about it, you may want to examine your beliefs about money and where your thoughts about energy healing are coming from.

We are all worthy of having our best life. ALL OF US.

Energy healers included.

Why they are excluded rather than revered I’ll never know but I personally like to rid myself of trapped energy as much as possible. I LOVE healing and getting rid of the energetic buildup that happens by virtue of being energy around other energy. LOVE it!

But that’s me.

I do want to end by saying I don’t think Sheila is meaning to be a hater. I clicked on her image and she has this quote on her profile “I AM that which is attained at the end of desire. I AM Goddess.” So she may be a Goddess, but if she chooses to heal people she will be broke, because that’s her mindset. Or, she will have to accept money at some point to do it full time.

How about you? Do you find yourself buying into this idea that this one profession should be free? Are we 100% sure that Jesus wasn’t provided for so he could do his healing work? Did people give him food and shelter in exchange for his ability to heal? The goal for everyone is to be provided for so we can fulfill our life purpose, isn’t it? Do what only WE can do, and what we can do best? Share our gifts? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

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