The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz
The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz

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I help people co-create a fully aligned life with the universe. A life that fully supports them so they can live the life they are meant to live. Not by working longer hours, by working with the universe to be a clear channel for hearing and allowing themselves to receive. Dreaming BIG and then aligning their energy behind it so they can be a vibrational match for that success. Success may be being a travel writer, energy healer, CEO, Stay-at-home Parent, or blogger. Anything! No limits.

It’s in YOU, I’m just here to support YOUR journey.

What clients are saying:

I can’t say enough about my sessions with Nicole at The Awakened Professional. Whether you’re new in the game or a seasoned professional looking for a fresh approach she has a beautiful blend of etheric mediumship with a twist of MBNA to pull the calling out of stone. I have found my time with her priceless and she is a must for the first time business owner. Her innate ability to bring things just slightly out of range to the table like magic makes her an asset to any business or personal platform.

I’m ecstatic to have found The Awakened Professional and have Nicole as a part of my team.

Jenifer Edwards

Owner, Thank Goddess Skin Care & Soul Apothecary

Nicole is a breath of fresh air in the business building community. She skillfully weaves her traditional business background with her intuitive and energetic superpowers to help entrepreneurs launch and/or grow their business. Nicole helped me expand my business by supporting me in hiring a VA so I can focus on being creative.

Kirsten Goffena

Owner, Lost in Motherhood

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