Donald Trump is a perfect example of a person whose ego is running the show. We all need confidence, so why isn’t that a good thing?

Being “too” in your ego, is not good. We need our ego, it’s true. However, if it’s running the show you are not representing your highest self. You are not making unbiased decisions. You are not taking YOU out of the decision-making equation.

The ego is much easier to recognize when it sounds negative. It’s that critical, not good enough voice that can surface. It’s the – “Who am I to do this?”, “Who am I to write this?”, “You’ll never succeed!,” voice that can enter your thoughts. It’s the talk that limits us from pursuing the really big goals until we can learn to harness it.

But when the ego sounds self congratulatory and positive, it is much trickier to identify. Which is why I think Trump is such a great example of it! His ego is running the show. He is “the world’s greatest person,” if he does say so himself (see this leaked quote).

Most recently, he’s said: “I’m The Only One That Matters,” when discussing the state department job vacancies (see full article). As the turnover under him continues, his response according to this article, is that feels he is the only one who is important. The other, sometimes highly qualified (sometimes not) people are not relevant. Here’s the full quote in case you missed it:

“Let me tell you, the one that matters is me,” Trump said in an interview that aired on Fox News on Thursday night. “I’m the only one that matters, because when it comes to it, that’s what the policy is going to be. You’ve seen that, you’ve seen it strongly.”

If you are on a spiritual or mindfulness path, you know it’s never only about you. It’s always about a greater good. You can recognize the ego at work here. “You are so awesome!,” his ego must be saying. He is not letting in any information to the contrary, like the lowest approval rating for a president in forty years, or the growing discontent of the nation and the world. You and I can see these graphs, but can he? No. He’s decided it’s all fake news.

“I’m the only one that matters, because when it comes to it, that’s what the policy is going to be.”

The problem is, that this person who has a super inflated sense of self, has his finger on the trigger of the nukes and is entering a pissing contest with probably the only other person in his ego enough to start a nuclear war.

Which isn’t something to be overlooked.

In English literature this is something called Hubris, which is “excessive pride.” I studied English Literature in college and we were frequently asked to identify the character with Hubris. The character was easy to spot because he or she was very full of themselves, assumed their way was right, did not let in any other information to the contrary, and ultimately led to the downfall of almost every situation if he/she was not stopped. They usually followed it to the death of everyone else involved in other words.

Which in my opinion, I think Trump is willing to do this. He is willing to follow his beliefs to our demise, if it comes to that.

And let’s not be mistaken that it could very well come to that.

“Hubris is a typical flaw in the personality of a character who enjoys a powerful position [the Presidency]; as a result of which, he overestimates his capabilities to such an extent that he loses contact with reality [thinks he’s the greatest]. A character suffering from Hubris tries to cross normal human limits and violates moral codes [ignores the KKK, pulls out of the Paris Treaty, grabs women by the pussy because he’s rich and thinks he can do anything]” (

Based on what I’ve seen about his inability to accept responsibility for his words and actions, he will not see it as him leading us into a nuclear war, he will go down blaming others. Doesn’t that feel true? It couldn’t be him that caused it, because an out of control ego is saying you are always in the right and spinning it so that it is true in your mind. It will be North Korea’s fault.

It won’t be he who pulled the trigger on nuclear war with North Korea, using twitter no less (I seriously wish I was making this up!) (See this warning about North Korea and this CNBC report for more information on what’s been escalating). 

It’s like the turn out for his inauguration. Rather than recognize the low turnout, he said the numbers were misreported (fake news!). In his mind, the numbers, the pictures showing the crowd just were not true.

It can’t be true if your ego is telling you that you are the greatest and the reality is reflecting something different. Your ego will say it has to be another reason, right?

We all need confidence, don’t get me wrong. But truly confident and great leaders take into account all sides and gather as much information as possible. I’m thinking they don’t tweet threats to a bully in another country who would love to nuke us. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore the plight of the citizens of North Korea, it means have a fricken plan that doesn’t involve twitter and increasing Kim Jong-un’s aggression and upping his nuclear game.

True, amazing leaders tend to be humble, if you really stop and think about it. Not perfect, but humble. Which means they try to keep their egos are in balance, which takes mindfulness to do.

You never want your ego running the show, which can be a challenge (See Michael Singer describes how to separate the voice in your head from the real you for a great discussion about “the voice” in our heads).

If you are spiritual, you may already have a practice of setting your ego aside so you can hear more clearly and see the bigger picture. You will already know the value of being able to BE without “the voice.”

Whether you like President Trump or you do not, it’s beneficial to admit you never want someone fully in their ego calling the shots. Why? Because they don’t hear the information they need to hear. There is no room for it!

The question is will America continue to allow any one person to call ALL the shots? Historically we had some comfort in knowing that the President had advisors and was really taking in information rather than reacting quickly and seemingly on his own. Yikes!

He is telling us, in no uncertain terms that he is the “only one that matters.” It’s not a secret that he’s running his own show. His own party is saying it and are expressing concern (see Bob Corker’s growing concern and how Trump is reacting via Twitter (again)).

“He concerns me,” Bob Corker told the New York Times. “He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.”

Being overly confident, it’s not as good as it sounds! Saying you are great, doesn’t make you great if your results are showing otherwise.

Think of it in terms of sports. If someone is hired as a professional athlete, but then shows up to the game and misses shot after shot, they will be sitting on the sidelines. Why is running an entire country different?

I don’t know.

As Awakening/Awakened beings this is really puzzling. We tend to want to stay in a positive mindset and in our joy in order to raise the vibe around us. How does this work with someone so strong in his conviction affecting an entire country and possibly world? Do we just need to be stronger in our conviction than he is in his? I’d love to hear your thoughts about his ego and how we should respond in the comments.





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