The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz
The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz

How to Baby Step into Your Calling FREE Guide

When you know what your calling isn’t, but want to discover what IT  IS!

If you know your calling, have a clear vision of it, then you can take steps to work with the universe and also use traditional means to manifest it. Both getting prepared and having a plan, along with allowing the universe to support you.

HOWEVER, what happens to many of us is that our current work or education doesn’t feel fulfilling like we thought it would.

Our job can be eliminated or there may be increased stress that makes us feel like WE HAVE TO GET OUT!

Basically, we get this feeling that we need to find our true calling, follow our passion, by KNOWING WHAT WE DON’T WANT, instead of knowing what we do want.

There are many reasons for this!

Often times our calling may be something we don’t understand yet. Something that doesn’t even make sense, yet. It’s not always a quick road to get there, but the important thing is to be taking steps.

Baby steps even, but steps.

I created this guide to help you understand the next step toward your calling and possibly even the big picture, if you are ready to know.

The goal is to work with the universe instead of fight the universe.

Surrender instead of push. 


How to THRIVE When Your SUPER Ready to Quit Your Day Job but Can’t.

Are you Awakened? (and does it matter for your business?)

High Vibe Up Any Workspace!

If you would like more support, I have mini intuitive readings to help you get unstuck!

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