The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz
The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz

The Awakened Workplace


Workplaces are awakening and have been for years. If you don’t fit in, that’s a good sign!

This page is designed to help you make your work life as meaningful as possible. How to stay in your “happy place” no matter where you are.

Whether you work for a corporation or own your own business, it’s all energy. Energy interacting with energy.

Knowing how to keep energy flowing, rather than having it blocked, is such a valuable tool. It’s the difference between meaningful work and something to get through with a ton of coffee. Right?

Is your work place awakened? Stuck in the last century? I’d love to hear from you in the comments in the blog posts below.

Nurture your hands at your desk. Your texting/typing hands will thank you!

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High Vibe Up Any Workspace

Wherever you are working, your energy is in there, and that of your co-workers or anyone who walks in the room. Our spaces hold the happy, the frustration, the stress of resolving complaints, and other people entering your space and venting. It is an area that many...

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