The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz
The Awakened Professional by Nicole Strychaz

The Awakened Professional

Because we together we can shine our light brighter…

I combine both a professional business background with spiritual growth and share my insights with you. I believe all business will trend towards mindfulness as the old, masculine ways of doing business crumble. If you are already viewing the workplace in a new light you will be ahead of the game!

This page is for Awakening/Awakened professionals as a way to provide soul support, gain tools and insights, and to have someone in your corner who just plain supports you.

And, also have some fun. If you can’t laugh during this journey, it’s just not worth it!

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Awakening is not easy like the word sounds. It’s complicated and there’s a learning curve. I wrote these posts to help you on your journey. Not only help, but really find the joy in the journey. The darkest times may actually be the stepping stone for your Awakened career!

Why You Can’t Give Up!

When you decide to pursue a life purpose – FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS for the inner journey of a lifetime. Start by allowing yourself grace. Decide you will rise and fall and keep going. Rest when you need to. Follow your inner knowing. Read what you feel guided to. Act...

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